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Real Estate Transactions

Talk to us before you sign the contract.

We can protect you at this most critical time.

Construction Law

There are many pitfalls for contractors

and consumers. Call before you begin.

Business Law

Understand what you need to know

before you start. Let us help you

understand what to do

and where to go.

General Civil/Trial Practice

We will vigorously represent you at legal



Personal Injury

Have you been injured?

Do you know what to do next?

We can help you sort through the complex issues and help you understand your rights

and the rights of others.

Divorce/Mediation/Family Law

We bring issues and families together and plan the next steps


Estate Planning/Wills/Trusts/Guardianships

Eliminate the uncertainties. Plan for tomorrow.


Criminal Law/misdemeanors/DUI

I made a mistake...Know your rights and mitigate the consequences.



At this difficult time, we will be

there to guide you through the



We can help you protect

your loved ones.